Natural Mattresses

How healthy is memory foam in a mattress or pillow?


You may have noticed a strong smell being emitted from memory foam? This is the off-gassing of toxic chemicals and can be noticed for months in some cases.  These emissions have been associated with headaches and other severe health reactions in people who sleep on them.  You can learn more about the health effects of memory foam and conventional mattresses from

What is the disadvantage of a sprung mattress?


Some people prefer a sprung mattress for comfort and support. However, there is an argument that the air between the springs inside a sprung mattress is a perfect habitat for dust, microorganisms and insects since they are beyond the reach of cleaning. For anyone who suffers allergies a latex mattress is preferable since dust mites and other organisms will not survive the inner mattress.  Additionally, the springs of a sprung mattress will wear out, allowing your backbone to sag, creating tension in your muscles and disturbing your sleep.

Since buying a mattress is such a personal choice, all our mattresses are made to order.  Please contact us if you require more explanation.

Which sizes of mattresses do you make?


We make to order but standard sizes are available in the sizes and pricing chart.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long will I wait for my mattress if it is made to order?


If we have a mattress of your choice in stock we can freight it or deliver it to you as soon as we receive your payment.  Otherwise it takes 3-4 working days to manufacture.  When we freight our goods Nationwide we use a furniture removal company (not a courier) to avoid any damages.  Please, allow additional 1 week for North Island delivery and 2 weeks for South Island delivery.

What is the 14 day customer comfort exchange policy on natural mattresses?


If you purchase a mattress from us without having tried it first, we offer a 14 day comfort exchange.  If you are not happy with the firmness you selected and can explain your reasons we are happy to exchange the mattress core to a different design,  that we both agree will be more suitable for you.
If you select a more expensive firmness you will need to cover the difference. If it is cheaper, we will offer you additional items to compensate the difference (e.g natural pillows or mattress protector).

Can I get a mattress custom made to my specifications?


Absolutely!  If you are not on your feet, you are on your back and just as a shoe needs to fit well, so does your mattress.  We custom make according to your requirements.  Please complete this short questionnaire and we will contact you to discuss your personal requirements, or contact us.

How do I know if I need a new mattress?


You know better than anyone when you need a new mattress.  Here are some questions to help you ascertain whether it’s time to invest in a new natural mattress for wonderful sleep! 




Is your mattress more than 8 years old?



Do you feel comfortable when you sleep on your mattress?



Do you wake up feeling all kinds of aches and pain in your body?



Do you wake up tired, rather than rejuvenated?



Do you suffer any numbness in the shoulder area when you wake up?



Do you have trouble getting to sleep because of too much fidgeting in bed?



Does your mattress have lumps? Uneven surface? Holes? Torn stitching?



Are you becoming more and more allergic?



Are you bothered when your partner moves on the bed?



If you answered YES to three or more questions, please contact us to discuss your options. 

Are natural mattresses more expensive than conventional mattresses?


A healthy mattress does not cost any more than the big name brand ‘therapeutic’, ‘lumbar support’, ‘sprung’ and ‘no roll together’ mattresses on the market.  Natural mattresses are filled only with the best nature has to offer - there are no synthetic substitutes bulking out your mattress which make you feel like you are getting more for your money, but in reality, you’re not.  The peace of mind you gain from knowing you and your family sleep on the healthiest bedding alternatives is priceless.

If you aren’t getting a good and thorough nights’ sleep every night, if you are sick regularly, physically and mentally drained, taking time off work, and having long term health issues – then consider what impact poor sleep is having on your life and calculate the cost of a new mattress in light of what these other problems may be costing you.

The life expectancy of an Innature mattress is 15-20 years which means that over this time your initial investment would work out to as little as 30 cents a day.  We believe that when you sleep better, you love life more so this is certainly a great investment to make.

Why are unbleached cotton and hemp fabric used in these mattresses and not pure organic cotton?


Innature uses 45% unbleached organic cotton and 55% hemp fabric to make natural mattress covers.  This combination of organic cotton and hemp is specially chosen for its robustness, anti-bacterial and mold resistance qualities which make it perfect for sleep products.

Why is bamboo a wonderful fibre for a mattress?


Bamboo is the ‘newest, old thing’ around!  Bamboo’s tight cellulose molecular structure, helps keep bacteria at bay.  This amazing fibre also has strong anti-bacterial properties which make it very durable and protect it from being eaten by pests or infected by pathogens.  Free from chemical additives, it’s completely biodegradable but also breathable and cool because the cross-section of a bamboo fibre is filled with various micro gaps.  This ensures excellent ventilation when compared to other fibres.

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