Pillows & Covers

Comfort, support and breathability are superior features of these products which promote healthiest sleep for you and your family. We have a range of low allergenic, toxin-free and Dust Mite protection pillows and covers to provide a superior level of comfort (or low level of disruptions) to help you sleep. We stock tencel, buckwheat and Duroloft pillows. Think about using Tencel pillows if your head is 'hot' and you perspire more than average: tencel manages moisture most efficiently. Many people swear by Buckwheat pillows, which originated 2000-3000 years ago in Asia and have only recently been discovered in the Western world! They are causing a 'pillow revolution'. MiteGuard Duroloft pillows can be partnered with the rest of the MiteGuard encasement system to provide an effective barrier against House Dust Mite Allergen. Breathe easier! We're seeking a source for Latex Pillows - they are amazing if you suffer with allergies and are looking for a durable, supportive but soft pillow. I'll update the range when we find a solution that we are happy with.